Sterile Ear Range

Donaldson (1.1mm)

The Adept Medical Donaldson Ventilation Tube with a dual flange design for additional security to prevent premature extrusion. The softness of the silicone material means it can be compressed for ease of insertion. Blue in colour for optimal tube distinction and visibility in the ear canal.

  • Supplied sterile, by EtO gas.

  • Available in 10 packs of singles or doubles.

  • Moulded from silicone, ensuring biocompatibility and compliance with ISO 10993, as well as providing malleability for ease of insertion and conformity in the incision.

  • Single-use product supplied in an ergonomic case.

  • Recommended to be inserted using instruments found in the Adept Medical Myringotomy Kit range.




Product Code: NZ3321 (Single) | NZ3321-2 (Double)

Quantity: Single/10 Pack | Double/10 Pack

Sterility: Yes, by EtO gas

Material: Silicone

Internal Diameter (mm): 1.1

Inner Flange Diameter (mm): 1.4

Outer Flange Diameter (mm): 2.3

Inter Flange Distance (mm): 1

Length (mm): 2.20