Sterile Ear Range

Shah Mini (0.76mm) - With Tail

The Adept Medical Mini Shah Ventilation Tube is designed with a tab on the outer flange for ease of insertion and to help prevent premature extrusion. Tail provides ease of engagement with forceps, facilitating tube insertion and removal.

  • Supplied sterile, by EtO gas.

  • Available in 10 packs of singles or doubles.

  • Moulded from fluoroplastic, ensuring biocompatibility and compliance with ISO 10993, as well a smooth texture to aid in insertion.

  • Single-use product supplied in an ergonomic case.

  • Recommended to be inserted using instruments found in the Adept Medical Myringotomy Kit range.




Product Code: NZ3226 (Single) | NZ3226-2 (Double)

Quantity: Single/10 Pack | Double/10 Pack

Sterility: Yes, by EtO gas

Material: Fluoroplastic

Internal Diameter (mm): 0.76

Inner Flange Diameter (mm): 1.14

Outer Flange Diameter (mm): 1.54

Inter Flange Distance (mm): 0.73

External Flange Dimensions (mm): 2.20

Length (mm): 1.50

Tail (mm): 3